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We Erase Your Electric Bill: Solar Cost

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Solar Cost

Hi, we do solar.   Email us or call to skip to line. (917) 282-6285We never sell your information.  

Are you interested in solar?  Here's some fast facts.  We're responsible for your roof and our equipment.

  • We guarantee the transfer when you sell your home.
  • There's a variety of programs that are $0, no cost.
  • The new panels are beautifully designed, and symmetrical to your roof line. 
  • We have batteries, tree removal, roof replacement, Panasonic, SunPower, LG, and all the good stuff for $0, no cost.  
  • Options available with no loans.  Financing and low interest rates available.  
  • We pass people with little or no credit. 

We're awesome!  Here's all the reasons we're awesome... We love animals, the environment, real estate, and life. 


"These guys are awesome, can we pay you more?" - Joyce

"I posted on Facebook that I got a new roof and solar, and people asked why I would put solar on a brand new roof.  They told me to look around for nails in my yard.  I couldn't find one nail." - Matt

"You guys are paying for referrals?  I want to make money" - Jenn